Workplace Issues

Many of us probably wouldn’t think about seeing a psychologist for work-related problems. Yet, since we spend the majority of our adult years working – around 90,000 hours over our lifetime, it is inevitable that the workplace may be a source of stress. Stress and other negative emotions may be due to major events such as takeovers, restructures or job losses; but there could also be many ‘daily hassles’ that build up over time. (e.g.deadlines, workload).

Being able to manage the build up of stress and other negative emotions from the workplace makes sense for a variety of reasons, including:

  • More harmonious interactions with colleagues
  • A more connected team and improved sense of belonging
  • A more positive work environment
  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Less days off from work (absenteeism), or less days where you’re physically there but have mentally ‘checked out’ (presenteeism)


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